Captured with a Canon EOS M + EF 22mm f/2 STM and EF 70-200 f/4L IS USM lenses

Selamat Detang Bali!

Waiting for the Catch

Sand and Shadow

Fish Ball

Go Fish

A Pleasing Aroma to the gods

Sands and Sarong

Newspaper and Noodles

Tropical Treats

The Elusive Babi Guleng

The Burning of Hanuman

Kecak Dance

The Wily Hanuman


Before Sunset… Uluwatu


Two is Better than One

He Sells Seashells on the Seashore

Wind-Surfing ala Bali

Stepping Stones


The Island of Love

Going Fishing

Forged Friendship


The Vast Expanse of Friendship

Farewell Bali

View from Cebu Pacific 16F


4 thoughts on “Bali

  1. Alby Leung says:

    Very artistic Allan! You have a keen eye on the beauties of the people, culture and places of this world. You truly bring out the vibrant colours of Life 🙂


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