Mitch Albom’s “The Time Keeper”

I read Mitch Albom’s latest novel, “The Time Keeper” tonight. It was so good, so heart-wrenching that I read it from cover to cover starting at 11pm to 2 am. And I learned a lot of life lessons. I will write about them soon. For tonight’s entry, i would just like to say that I found myself re-evaluating the way I deal with things in my life. Many times I lose a sense of awe about events, moments with loved ones and friends because i am so busy counting time, thinking that I have so little of it to spare. And when I do so, i fail to savor the moment and get lost in numericals. The book exposed that in me and made me realize that for me to truly live, i would have to forget about keeping count and just enjoy each minute as God gives me.

It’s an excellent book. I highly recommend it.

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