Melbourne to Manila

From My Recent Memorable Journey to Manila
Dr Albert Leung, Rheumatologist
Western Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

(written by an inspiring young colleague, via email. posted with permission)

Over NSW, Australia on route to Manila. No matter how much of a footprint we try to carve into the ground, nature has a way of showing us the far expanse she possesses as she hides behind the distant horizon.

On approach to Manila: the mountains soar to touch the sky yet it is the sea that wins her heart – uniting as one over the hazy glow of a gentle sunset.

Over Manila: the setting sun rays dance upon the distant clouds whilst the nearby cotton clouds lumbar over the city.

Manila’s skyscrapers throw up a mighty challenge towards the sky.

Over many eons the wind and water patiently sketches lines over the arid Australian landscape.

It is true that getting a birds eye view gives us a better appreciation of how beautiful this world is and our stewardship roles in looking after our home – our only home not only for us but also for our children and future generations to come.

Cheers, Alby šŸ™‚

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