Screwtape Proposes a Toast

One of my classic favorite reads 🙂


[Ed. Note: Here’s a little “diabolical ventriloquism” from C. S. Lewis. He means to have some tongue-in-cheek fun with modern-day educrats. What he ends giving us is a devastating critique of public “education,” “democracy,” culture — and ever so MUCH more than that…. I hope you’ll all enjoy figuring out what’s really going on here. — bb.]

Screwtape Proposes a Toast

(The scene is in Hell at the annual dinner of the Tempters’ Training College for young devils. The principal, Dr. Slubgob, has just proposed the health of the guests. Screwtape, a very experienced devil, who is the guest of honour, rises to reply:)

It is customary on these occasions for the speaker to address himself chiefly to those among you who have just graduated and who will very soon be posted to official Tempterships on Earth. It is a custom I willingly obey. I well remember with what trepidation…

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